my story

So what can you accomplish in 45 days? Where do you wanna be in 45 days?

There’s things in life where people tell you something, and then deep in your heart.. You’re just like, "Gotta be a better thing. I know that this can’t be that hard."  When you listen to that heart, that spirit inside of you, I tell you what... it’ll bring you change that you never dreamed were possible.

Let me give you some context; I weighed 135 from 2009 to 2019 and I got there by doing hCG from this chiropractor that I paid $500 for in 2009 and then I found it online like I could buy a whole case of them like 50 of them for $500..  so, bought that and started selling them to people, to help them lose weight. Moved to Arizona sold some, but then they just got apparently stored somewhere...

When I started this current journey for the middle of January, I was listening to these motivational people on Intuition and Money Mindset, junking things and decluttering, cleaning up my house a little bit.. Thinking, "Maybe if I clean up all my junk, it'll motivate me to clean up my diet and ditch the junk food." Then I got distracted by something and started scrolling through me emails.. and this... "make your business unbreakable in 2023" email popped up. I sign up for it then go about my cleaning.. and as I’m decluttering my mom’s basement, cleaning out old bottles I kept for whatever reason.  Oh my gosh, look what I find, a box with 6 of the original HCG I never sold.

SO Had I not been listening to that Spirit, that heart... maybe I never would have decluttered enough to   have opened the unbreakable business challenge VIP thing.. which gave me the motivation to figure out a way produce this to share this wonderful #WEIGHTLOSSREMEDY with you. Nor do I think I necessarily would’ve found  the bottles.

Rewind to 2019. I am pregnant with dot four years later here I am with mom bod.

And may I add;

During those four years I looked for hCG online. I bought it from at least five different places and every single time I get about 10 days in 15 days and lose oh maybe 10 pounds and then I would get so hungry. But it wasn't the real thing.. it had added homeopathic in it.. or just herbal stuff, and doing those drops was so hard. It sucked.

Did id some research and back 2011, something happened, and the original, only one ingredient  hCG product , vanished.  Obviously because it worked, and worked super well.

So here I sit; with my mom-bod. I don’t even wanna look at myself in the mirror anymore and the straw that broke the camels back was , I took a picture with my daughter around Christmas and I was like, "oh my gosh! I look like crap. I feel like crap. I’m not feeding my kids the way that I should."  A lot of it had to do with I didn’t feel good about myself. Which; when you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t make the best choices for yourself .

So I started using the drops and oh my gosh the bottle still works WONDERFUL!! So I’m thinking to myself; how can I make this somehow how to share with others?!?!?  Reached out to some smart friends got some ideas; and guess what?

I did it!

I (with help from my friends) figured out how to produce it! So now I can share it with you and help you reach your weightless goals...

Speeding to the you, YOU LOVE!!!

The current you, is only 30-45 days away from the you, YOU, love! and is soon to be far in the rear view!


An insightful, mentor of mine Grant Cardone asks the question;

“Would you rather have a million friends or a million dollars?”


I had to think about that seriously because I’ve been so let down by others (especially myself) and have isolated myself because of it..

So... I’d rather have a million friends, because without you as my friend or follower I can’t help you or service you to help you be the most healthy, energetic, beautiful you, FOR YOU, in your own eyes.

This great mentor of mine; Grant Cardone also says;

“Your goals are limited by your surroundings “
“Set your goals for you, NOT other ppl, YOU!
You have much more potential than you realize.
Success if your duty, obligation and responsibility.
There is NO Shortage of success.
Regardless of the size of goal, it will require work!”
“Now write down you goals!
And be willing to rewrite them every day until you achieve them, OR maybe you’ll just come up short
But I promise you’ll be pleased if they’re big enough!
If you underestimate your potential while you’re writing them, which is probably going to happen.. then it’s impossible to set appropriately sized targets.”

So here are some of my goals;
(Remember I haven’t achieved these yet)

My body weight is 125 (I’m 5’2.5”) or body fat 25-27% started bottle at 163.2 on 1.23.2023 ((currently 2.22.2023 @ 140.2lb 33% fat))

I am so known, so shared on social media that “they” aren't stopping  me from sharing this true weight-loss REMEDY =" cure” with you..


I am Helping women, men, kids over 12 to participate in helping our society obliterate the obesity epidemic. Solving so many other health issues and obstacles in peoples lives and the lives of others!

I am helping 3million of you “cure” your fat problems, your insecurities, your depressions over failing perhaps even self sabotaging your weight-loss goals.  I know what it feels like! And the healthier we all are, the better we feel, the clearer our minds.. the more able we are to achieve anything and everything else in our lives!