What is Lipo-SCULP-tion, how do I do it?


LipoSCULPTion drops are Blessed Water; A Blessed to be like Energy Blend of hCG 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, 200c


NOTHING IN MOUTH 15 minutes before or after taking LipoSCULPTion drops under the tongue 3x a day, 10 drops each serving. Hold drops under tongue for 30 seconds.  


Take THE DROPS, Follow THE PLAN; for 30-45days


Day 30 or 45 quit drops.. this will be your new set weight as you


Go into a  6 wk maint phase..

First 3 weeks.. go keto. Second half; still no carbs/starchy vegetables like carrots/ potatoes/ bread.. once 6wks up.. go back to eating healthy.. utilizing proper food combinations And your scale weight is reset at whatever you ended drops at..

Quick FAQ


SO, LipoSCULPTion...


  • Is it safe?


Extremely, because LipoSCULPTion  is a homeopathic-like supplement, a prescription isn’t necessary. Lipo-SCULP-tion is Blessed to be hCG-like.  All women have high levels of the hormone present in their bodies all through pregnancy with no adverse affects, as your body naturally produces it. Men also have small traces of the hormone in their system. The hCG used in the Blessed Water, Blessed to be – like-hCG is ENERGY not MATTER and has NO negative side effects.


  • What is it really? How does it work?


Only ingredient in Blessed Water – ENERGETICALLY Blessed to Be like -hCG "adoms", which is energetically human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which is produced naturally in the body, during pregnancy. It has many functions, but more specifically is referred to as the “pregnancy hormone.” During pregnancy it doubles every two days, and is accessed during pregnancy ONLY WHEN THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT DECREASE IN CALORIES AND FAT to mobilize existing EXCESS body fat to provide nutrients to the developing fetus and energy to the mother.

For weight loss, this Blessed Water –  LipoSCULPTion Drops  are used to initiate this same mechanism.  Thus a starvation state must exist for; hCG HORMONE TO BE PRODUCED BY YOUR OWN BODY ACTIVATING YOUR HYPOTHALAMUS AND RELATED ENDOCRINE ORGANS TO UTILIZE IT AND CORRECT FUNCTION. For weight loss, a very low calorie diet is used to ACTIVATE the hCG IN YOUR BODY to help rid the body of fat. (And with the society in which we live in, and our eating for two philosophies, is why the majority of pregnant women do not lose weight, but could!)


    • Why I CALL IT  MY Weight-loss CURE...


    It corrects your body's misfunctioning hypothalamus and related endocrine organs. Thus re-enabling your body to use stored fat for energy. Burning anywhere from 2,000-4,000calories a day! (Try doing that at the gym!)  While on the reduced calories eating protocol for a VERY SHORTY PERIOD of time 30-45days. Giving you massive amounts of energy. Eliminating all hunger craving by the 4th day on eating plan.   In other words;  by the end of the drops yours hypothalamus and it's disfunction have been corrected, and if you follow the 3-6 week maintenance phase that follows, your body will have and keep a new set weight.  Allowing you to then stay at this new much lower weight. In addition, because it is accessing the abnormal body fat stores only liposuction seems to touch.. you will have NO or BARELY ANY LOOSE SKIN. 


  • Wouldn’t I lose just as much weight eating an extremely low calorie diet without THE DROPS?


Yes, but NO!!! Following a very low calorie weight diet will only guarantee the loss of everything but stored excess fat, for your body will target bone and muscle mass. The DROPS are VITAL for allowing the body to access, target, and eliminate the body’s excess fat.


  • Won’t my metabolism slow down is I’m on a very low calorie diet?


Normally, when we cut back on daily caloric intake and fat, our bodies end up storing the fat and our metabolism slows down. This is because our body’s hold on to whatever they can get, thinking that our body might be getting ready for a period of starvation. HOWEVER, when a very low calorie diet is used with the aid of the DROPS, it allows the body to produce the hCG hormone in your own body in order to use stored fat for energy, and rids the body of its excess fat reserves. It’s a natural process, so there will be no negative effects on your metabolism.


  • Since I will be eating so few calories, won’t I feel tired or "hangry" all the time?


Since THE DROPS help the body mobilize the fat and makes it available to the body for energy, it naturally reduces your appetite. So even though you a restriction, your body can access the energy you have stored in your fat cells. After about 2 days, many people notice a huge decrease in appetite. In general, people have plenty of energy and feel good while taking the DROPS, and many including myself noticed an increase in energy. (With the ability to wake up at 4AM every morning easily and actual accomplish a lot before me toddler wakes at 5/530)


  • Will THE DROPS interfere with any medications or birth control pills I am currently taking?


NO, DOES NOT interact with ANY medications, including birth control pills, and there ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS. 

The DROPS do not interfere with any medications whatsoever, including birth control and any prescription drugs.

However, personal note. I was on the PARAGUARD IUD, if you have had it in and have developed 7day-10day periods as I did. You will stall during the menses. I took it out and switched to Mirena while on drops and the weight just feel off.. making up for the days I stalled.


    • How much weight can I expect to lose while taking LipoSCULPTion, THE DROPS?


    IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR WILLINGNESS TO COMMITT YOURSELF TO YOUR HEALTH!!!! I lost 30 lbs in 30 days and I followed the diet to the letter!!! Some days I lost .4 the next I’d lose 1.6, and so on, it averaged out to 1 lb of FAT A DAY!!!! Then because I wanted to reach my goal, I learned through research it is possible to take the diet for a maximum of 45 days. I extended my diet time in which I decided to cheat “only a little” I said to myself. Which the next day resulted in a gain of 4 lbs, which took me an additional 4 days to get off. After 45 days I had lost a total of 38.2 lbs. which would have probably been 45lbs had I not “went off the wagon.”




    I congratulate you as you embark on, what will be your Final Solution as well. As you have made the decision improve your life, your health, I will be as accessible as you wish me to be. If you have ANY QUESTIONS I am totally available for you! Have any questions regarding food selections, nutrition, or anything of the like, contact me! I am available for personal wellness consultations at any point during your journey. I KNOW YOU’LL DO GREAT!!! I believe in you! ~Angela


    Top 4 causes of Failure!!! 

    #4- Constipation. One of the common side effects of THE PLAN eating protocol is constipation. When we don't lose weight for several days and we aren't using the bathroom as often, this could be to blame. It could also be that you aren't drinking enough water! It is recommended while on THE PLAN eating protocol that natural colon cleansing methods (think a herbal tea like "Smooth MOVE") are used regularly (once a week or as needed) to allow the body to pass our stools.


    #3- Cheating on the diet! What if you substitute approved food for non approved.... OR you were to have that "just one cookie" or "just one _____"? Even though it seems to be a small deviation, this causes your body to start pulling your energy from your calories instead of your fat deposits. The purpose of the THE PLAN is to cause the body to pull your energy from stored fat. If you are even slightly above the 500 calorie daily intake, then it will change where the body pull its energy from. When I start THE DROPS I choose the largest strawberries and largest apples I can find and consistently buy those... 


    #2- Wrong types of proteins and calories. AKA SUBSTITIUTION of THE PLAN APPROVED FOODS. When on the THE PLAN, we often see the word protein and immediately think steak, hamburger, pork, or other meats that are high in fat content.. When thinking of foods to add proteins to our meals, fish, chicken, and lean types of beef  (the leanest cut you can buy for steak is Eye of Round) are a much better and healthier option along with making it easier for our bodies to burn stored fat.


    #1 - Lack of consistency. Whether it be with remembering to take THE DROPS or with your overall daily calorie intake, this is probably the most common reason people fail to lose weight while on THE PLAN. When the menu calls for 1 serving of vegetables, 1 serving of fruit, and a protein we sometimes substitute other foods for the foods we don't want. Or, we succumb to our temptations and substitute another fruit instead of the vegetable. The body demands a specific balance and any deficiency will force the body to pull its energy from other sources. For example, some fruits have a large amount of natural sugar. If we double the amount of natural sugar, then the body will begin to pull our energy from that source. Our body will burn through it very quickly and then we will start to get very hungry and our body will crave more calories. Our body while on THE PLAN is in a keto-genisis-like state, if the balance is knocked off even just a little bit for one day, it can throw off the results by a large amount for days to come

    What are my Chances???

    Relapses and Success Rate

    Dr. Simeons had 60 to 70% of his cases who experienced little or no difficulty holding their weight permanently. When relapses occur, it was usually do to negligence in the basic rule of daily weighing.


    Many think this is unnecessary and that they can judge an increase from the fit of their clothes. Some do not carry a scale with them while traveling as it is cumbersome and takes a big bite out of their luggage allowance when flying. (not so much a problem anymore, as most hotels have scales at them) This is a disastrous mistake, because after a course of THE DROPS as much as 10 lbs can be regained without any noticeable change in fit of clothes. The reason for this is that after treatment newly acquired fat is the first evenly distributed and does not show the former preference for certain body areas.


    Pregnancy or the menopause may annul the effect of a previous treatment. Women who take treatment during one year after the last menstruation – that is the onset of menopause – do just as well as other, but among them the relapse rate is higher until the menopause is fully established. The period of one year after the last menses applies only to women who are not being treated with ovarian hormones. If these are taken, the pre-menopausal period may be indefinitely prolonged.


    If you experience weight gain, or have more weight to lose. Coming back for a second course of THE DROPS is completely acceptable. Repeat courses are often even more satisfactory than the first treatment and give you the advantage of knowing already that you will feel comfortable throughout the program. My goal however, unless you have far more than 30 lbs to lose is to help you accomplish your goal right the first time. And I believe once you attain your goal and know how to maintain it, you will never look back!