Understanding the Lipo-SCULP-tion Drops Diet Plan

Anyone who has tried multiple diet plans know the top reasons for diet failure: hunger, and lack of result. LipoSCULPTion; The Blessed Water; Blessed to be hCG-like PLAN deals with this problem by including a daily dose of energized atoms allowing the body to activate the endocrine glands in your own body.


When Dr. A.T.W. Simeons realized in the 1950s that hCG could be administered safely for weight loss, he also discovered that it worked equally well for men and women. The LipoSCULPTion Plan is almost identical to Dr. Simeons, combining a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats and vegetable proteins with a daily dose of THE DROPS under the tongue.


LipoSCULPTion drops will allow the body to burn abnormal fat without attacking structural fat or muscles. This keeps the body at an optimum level of energy during weight loss. 


This discovery was found and utilized by Dr. Simeons and to him I owe my weight-loss,  my renewed confidence, and much gratitude! He was killed err, died mysteriously, after writing his manuscript that he was to share with another medical professional and others like him to bring an end to their patients "fat" problems.

In my own words; 

 Honestly, this diet is for people who ultimately want to take control of their life and what they put in their body. It is profitable for our government to keep us fat in a lot of ways. If you are serious about finally changing the way you eat and being aware of what you are putting into your body, I am more than happy to work with you, on a continued basis.


  • The first phase of the diet (the gorging phase) allows you to cram all that crap down your throat one last time, feeling the bloat and discomfort, and tiredness that follows.  DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS PHASE.. YOU WILL PAY FOR IT.. IT WILL MAKE THE DIET HARDER;  IF YOU LOAD to the point where you feel like after the 2 days you've stuffed yourself so silly you never want to eat again.. you did this phase right!  The point of this is to get your fat stores to start mobilizing while your body is working with THE DROPS, so that once you start day 3 of eating plan your body sucks it off and allows you to do this comfortably. 


  • The second phase (THE PLAN) allows you to start back at the basics, all the while seeing the results you’ve been yearning for.  *POSSIBLY WITH OUT WORKING OUT.  WITHOUT WEARING YOURSELF OUT!!! Which I would hope that it would motivate you, as much as it did myself. Even though I worked out doing weight training my first time in 2009. This Second time, I didn't work out at all. During the first 3 days you may feel some hunger.  Personally the 4th day for me was like, "wow, not hungry anymore, hmm." During the first few days you may get some detox headaches body aches. Water will help get you through.


  • The third or maintenance phase allows you to start label reading, becoming aware of ingredients in the mass produced foods you buy. It wasn’t enough for me to just get to a number on a scale. I wanted to tone and get fit, once I looked and felt good and had energy because I was fueling my body the right way. At that point in 2009 I got back to training, and have since then lost another 5% body fat; all while maintaining my weight, because I’m gaining muscle mass and losing body fat. MUSCLE BURNS FAT, LIFTING IS NOT BAD FOR YOU!


  • The fourth or FOR LIFE phase is where you start re-introducing the carbs, some processed sugars, and all other things. The key here is to get yourself buying WHOLE minimally processed grain foods, quinoa, and barley flour as opposed to white.  Eat healthy fats in the morning to prevent yourself from getting back on the carb crash rollercoaster.  For good; or bad; whatever you think about, you bring about in abundantly (good or bad). As a (now lapsed) certified nutritionist, I can help you with food suggestions and VERY, VERY EASY WAYS TO COOK, CHEAPLY AND HEALTHY for you and your family.


It really all comes down to YOU at this point. This is your life and your time, what do you want it to look like? How do you want to feel? WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF IT? I congratulate you on taking your first step.


Diet Phases Quick Overview


THE PLAN begins with a 2-day 'loading' phase, followed by a 13-43 day 'core' phase, a 3-day 'transition' phase, and a 3-6-week maintenance phase. (Dependent on duration of drops) If you follow the instructions carefully during each phase, you will see noticeable results.


Loading Phase

Start using Lipo-SCULP-tion drops on days 1 and 2 while loading up on high-fat foods (nuts, oils, natural fats). Avoid sugary foods (or not). Eat anything and everything you get cravings for. Make sure you eat until you're full. 


Feeling so full, that by the end of the 2 days you feel like you could (almost) never eat again. This will enable your body to ramp up as it starts to mobilize the fat during the first two days of Loading. Allowing the first 3-4 days of the core phase to not be so difficult.

Best to start during a weekend, (for women) AFTER YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE ENDS.


YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT. Expect that. IT WILL fall off with in first 3 days  of core phase and then some.



Core Phase

On day 3, begin your regular regimen of a 500-calorie daily diet, combined with THE DROPS dosage. This phase may last from 28-43 days, depending on the amount of weight loss you desire. 

Example; (my day)

4am WATER 

430AM - Approved Fruit, coffee

9am - approved meat /approved vegetable meal

1230PM - Approved Fruit

4-6  - Approved meat/ approved vegetable meal



Transition Phase

To signal an end to the core phase, stop taking THE DROPS, but continue to followTHE PLAN for 3 more days. 


Maintenance Phase

For the next 3-6 weeks, (Depending on the duration of your drops.)  Start to take in more calories and food types, (THINK KETO) being careful to avoid refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and starchy foods. Monitor your weight gain so you are better able to maintain your overall goal. This timeframe allows your body to "heal" it's hypothalamus/endocrine related malfunction, by using a keto-ish eating style for 3 weeks. Followed by a 3 week timeframe of SLOWLY re-introducing carbs, and starches. The goal; by not re-introducing yourself to the carb-crash rollercoaster and eating you will end up at a new set weight, that will be permanent.


Final Reminders

Don't take OTC drugs while on this diet. Aspirin is allowed. Remember to eat meals and snacks as prescribed (never skip meals or leave out recommended food groups). If you crave a sweeter taste, use Stevia as an alternate to sugar.


Avoid heavy exercise during the diet; however, walking, Pilates, yoga, and light resistance exercises are appropriate and help you maintain strength. Weigh yourself daily in AM upon rising after using restroom to keep track of your success.


There is hope. With this plan, significant weight loss is possible for LONG TERM!